onsdag den 6. april 2011

Zombie project!

Well duh!!!!! You know what this is already!!! But I thought it might be god (for me anyways) to sum up what I have going. The first army I started playing was Undead in Warhammer fantasy...many moons ago!!!! I have since tried my hand at chaos warriors, Empire and Bretonnia. (The Bretonnia stuff should be put up for sale). Long time since I last played a fantasy game. Mind you I play different game systems as well. Then came along Mantic games, and my love for the living impaired arose anew. With zombies. There just is something special here. So I travelled the net and came across several good blogs. Amongst those one that you probably know well. Vampifans world of the undead. And a whole new world opened up for me and my zombie addiction!!!!

Thus the zombie project was born. This blog seemed like a good method of keeping the fire going. And it has been going since january. A load of zeds and survivors have arrived from U.S.A., England and New Zealand. Some have been painted, others are still screaming for a coat of paint. (Stop looking at me that way!)  A board to make a city is in the making. Cars and scenery for this board has arrived. Rules bought. And best of all, I have linked up with people sharing my feelings towards zombies through this blog! From England, U.S.A., Italy you name it. A modest 18 followers so far, but it is great to have some feedback, stroking the fire.

This however is not the only thing I do, I have a job you know! A lovely fiancee and two pugs. No kids though.
And I am soon going on a weekend with liveroleplaying HUMANS VERSUS ZOMBIES.

Sorry for this update to have become a bit of a rant and no pictures. Believe me when I say I am painting stuff! Ramshackle games wounded counters, Hasslefree survivors, Cold war zombies...

Sigh.....there are never enough time to kill zombies......

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  1. Always good to take a retrospective look at what you've achieved. Enjoy the LARP event, I'm guessing you'll love it!

  2. Keep it up and we will continue to keep coming round to have a look at progress and mild rants:D

  3. You're doing a fine job here, so keep up with the good work. As for your LARP event, take lots of photos if you can and have fun!

  4. Nice one, keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to a LARP debrief.... :)

  5. Ehilà! You're doing an excellent work, keep it up!! ;)
    God fornøjelse! (I think... :P )

  6. Thanks guys!! And you will get a LARP debrief. Looking sooo much forward to it.

    @Gnotta`, you are the first to reply in here in danish!!!